Lil’ Wayne Ice Cream Paint Job Lyrics

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Lil’ Wayne Song

Ice Cream Paint Job

Lyrics to Ice Cream Paint Job

Young money
Syrup in a big shot
Time tah do da thing dats word to ya wrist watch

Shoot da glock til it burn til my wrist lock
Rims sellin big time skinny like chris rock

Hold da gun sideways like oh dog
Shoot a nigguh in his face knock his nose off
Make da girl say my name like roll call
Pain killers got da nigguh bout tah dose off
Big shit nigguh talk big shit nigguh
Big bread bread like a picnic nigguh
Shake da whole game like a hit stick nigguh
Money spread like germs get sick nigguh
Yeaa & fuck dem otha nigguhs one nine hunid who want it I’ll deliver
Concrete shoes won’t help in da river
I dnt care if you michael phelp my nigguh
I’m higher den da muthafuckin alps my nigguh
I’m flier den da muthafuckin stelp my nigguh
Young money shit top shelf my nigguh
We da muthafuckas like milf my nigguh
Uhum flow like saringes
Yea I’m in my mode gotta cold like daminches
I was in da trenches now I’m in da trunk
And everybody watch ya back when yur in da front
You ain’t neva safe stop playin with a gansta
Bring it to his face and he ran like a flanka
Bend a girl ova put ha hands on ha ankles
I’m all ova dis ice cream beat like sprinkles
Why thank you if yous a hatah
I’m eatin yous a waita
Pistol on my hip tomb raider
Holla at ya gualla soon lata
Young tune nigguh
Typhoon nigguh
And if you think it’s sweet buy a room nigguh
Thy move nigguh
I’m on my gang shit
She give me good brain like she studied at camebridge
Lightin up a muthafuckin blunt
Stupid fruity swagg like a muthafuckin runt
And I be with my dog
Like a muthafuckin huntin everyday of da week it’s da first of da month
Start em up again with da diamonds in ha face
Can’t tell time cause da diamonds in ha face
We can get it poppin like a semi-automatic
And if you got beef I’ll put da biscuit on a patty
Rockstar tatted big money addict
Runnin dis shit now I’m feelin athletic
I’m on a boat bitch gettin sea sick
Stop playin I’m fresher den a degree stick
Street shit well of course I smoke mad weed I’m on my high horse
Please dnt shoot me down I land feet flat
Then walk a million miles with new orleans on my back
I need a massage
When it cum to hoes man I gotta collage
Finguh on da button nigguh jus stuntin
If you ain’t da bank teller dnt tell me nuthn
Kush so strong you can smell me cumin
Bitch I go hard like da boy from 300
Ya think ya’ll kickin
Well boy we puntin
Young money baby we da shit weak stomaches
No ceilings

Ice Cream Paint Job Lyrics

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