Lil’ Wayne New Slaves Lyrics

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Lil’ Wayne Song

New Slaves

Lyrics to New Slaves

[Verse 1]
I got old money, take a bath in hundreds
My way or the highway, and I see traffic coming

It’s Tunechi in this ho, watch them hoes go crazy
Pass that weed around, like that shit contagious

And I got news for all these snitches, tell these feds stop bitching
If pussy lips could talk, I’d go down there like it’s whispering
You know life is so uncertain, and death is so unwanted
My navigation system say it’s death around the corner
I got a condo for a stash house, a condo for a stash house
Get that boy a mirror, so he can watch his damn mouth
See I get it from Sosa, he got it from Frank
And Sosa alright, but I’m trying to meet Frank
He said business is well, he ain’t got no complaints
You’ll be Batman, and I’ll be robbing the bank
I know I ain’t gon’ fall, even though I’m power tripping
Glass house nigga, you see how I’m living
I know that we the new slaves, I know that we the new age
Ain’t no such thing as too paid

[Reprise 1]
Like it’s freezing and you naked, shake that ass ho
Shake that ass ho

[Verse 2]
When we throw a pool party, we put sharks in the pool
I got bloods in the cut, so don’t throw salt in the wound
AK wet niggas up, I don’t throw water balloons
Better call the patoon
If it’s fuck it then fuck it, now you speaking my language
Put your dead body under them white sheets with no blankets
I’m so rich I go pour
Champagne and don’t drink it
Ice on my neck like I fainted
These are the thoughts of the brainless
No new friends, we don’t talk to strangers
Man I’m so serious with this pimp shit
Full clip in my Mac 10
Ain’t no exit out the game, nigga cut off your blinkers
And if she married I fuck her, if she lonely I fuck her
If she crazy I love her, ya’ll just don’t understand her
She say you got it made, I say no I got a butler
They tell me to turn up, but I’m the knob on the oven
I got a knife in my pocket if there’s a fork in the road
I’m the Man of Steel, but I won’t say what I stole

[Reprise 2]
Bring that coke to the stove, and whip it like a new slave
Whip it like a new slave
Like it’s freezing and you naked, shake that ass ho
Shake that ass ho

Whatup five

[Reprise 3]
Take that coke to the stove
And whip it like a new slave, whip it like a new slave
Like it’s freezing and you naked shake that ass ho

New Slaves Lyrics

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