Lil’ Wayne So Dedicated Lyrics

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Lil’ Wayne Song

So Dedicated

Lyrics to So Dedicated

Featuring Birdman

She’s so sophisticated

She a catch a nigga nuttin’ then refrigerate it
I wear a rubber and we fuck til we get hydrated

I pull it out, bust on her face and call her crybaby
I kiss her neck, I kiss her stomach then I kiss that pussy
And then I eat it from the back but I don’t do crack
And then I get this monster heart and ask her where to put it
She tell me don’t you hear that rock? Tell that bitch you crazy
Don’t want no HIV, don’t want that honeymoon in Vegas
It’s YMCMB , the fuckin’ alpha and omega
That presidential double R, call it Ronald Reagan
I fuck your bitch, we come together, call that congregatin’
I be ballin’ on these niggas, Sports Illustrated
Tough in the streets but you in the court with a statement
Ain’t that a bitch? Man kill everybody but the babies
Give that bitch nigga the blues til he fuckin’ navy

Man I be ridin’ ‘round with that yapper
I pop a nigga like..
All you hoes get topless
Suck this dick til it’s spotless
Too many holes, I got options
I ain’t never trippin’, you can have it bitch
But I’mma send her back without pussy lips
Looking just like camel lips
You fuckin’ with some real nigga?
Blow your fuckin’ head off
They say life is a bitch, I hope that bitch a redbull
All I know is get money
Bitch ain’t getting shit from me
Fuck a six pack – six bullets give you six stomachs
Tell ‘er how that pussy taste
She been eating pineapples
Throw that back like a quarterback
Hit that ass like a linebacker
Put that pussy on me
Caught up in the moment
8k with a hair trigga
Nigga don’t make me calm it
It’s like a 4th time job, not to care a niggas
Some of my home boys jobs is to kill niggas
Yea, cuz I’m still on probation
Find your name on a bullet, that’s a dedication

So Dedicated Lyrics

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