Lil’ Wayne Soul Survivor Lyrics

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Lil’ Wayne Song

Soul Survivor

Lyrics to Soul Survivor

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
I be like why not?
My nigga Khaled in here with me

I fucks with my homie

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Young boy call me Weezy F Baby
Got a whole lot of money, and a bunch of ways to make it
I’mma country ass nigga got diamonds in my teeth ho
Choppa that im totting make me feel like (Debo?)
Rock a nigga boat then speed off on the speedboat
Take a nigga ho and skeet all in her speedo’s
Take a nigga ho and show her how to break a kilo
Show the bitch how to turn a bird into a beetle
We So F Baby, no cliche
Just money, hard dick, no foreplay
Standing in the court way, fuck what the court say
There’s money on the corner baby, welcome to my workplace
Sippin’ with my drink laced, you know how i get down
I promise baby I’mma fall asleep if I sit down
Uptown his town, Hollygrove hizzound(hound)
Fuck with the little man, you will never get found
211 187 I’m on a mission
Mother fuck whoever higher, but I gotta get mine
This time I’m going for the big climb
And the boy about to incline, Jigga man I’m nearby
When it come to realize(real eyes), the sooner they’ll feel mine
But I ain’t on that, I got money on my mizzind(mind)
Little ass niggas, stand tall like I’m 6’9″
Cash Money, Young Money, meet you at the finish line (bitch nigga)

[Verse 2: Mack Maine]
See all these new rappers got me missin’ Biggie and Pac
And all these fake Jacobs made me get rid of my watch
And Hollygrove you can’t get rid of my block
With all these big-heads, you’d think this was Benjamin’s block homie
Cinnamon drop hop out spit at your pops
Behind mine, I’ll do 10 in the box nigga
My neck of the woods is Uptown ask for me
Young Maine, Young Money, Cash Money, Fast Money
Had the fiends hittin’ the wall thinkin’ that they crash dummies
While you little petty hustlers struggling for gas money
I’m on a full tank, bitch I’m bout me
You’ll probably catch me and Weezy Baby on South Beach
In back of the Phantom the TVs playing
The game about to start, some bitch singing the National Anthem (fuck)
Whether it’s the streets or the CDs, y’all gon’ R-E-S-P-E-C-T me

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
If you lookin’ for me I be with your bitch nigga
Ho I done fucked and she done sucked my dick (yea)
If it ain’t ’bout dollars (yea), then I can’t holler (yea)
And everybody know the Birdman the king
And he love his son Wayne so he give me everything
And that’s the logics nigga watch it
Keep my name up outta that nigga gossip
Money gon’ drain like a brand new faucet
Aren’t you conscious, alert for the coppers
They give us the work then throw us in jail
Don’t smile for the cameras gotta know when to sail
I’m blowin’ an L, low in the 12
I ain’t trippin’ on life, I’m a go when I shall
I’m a gangsta baby I’m a gangsta
Weezy Baby please say the baby

Soul Survivor Lyrics

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