Lil’ Wayne The Boss (Joey Fingaz/kickdrums Mix) Lyrics

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Lil’ Wayne Song

The Boss (Joey Fingaz/kickdrums Mix)

Lyrics to The Boss (Joey Fingaz/kickdrums Mix)

[Sample in background through whole song]
Bitch I’m the boss
Bitch I’m-Bitch I’m the boss

Bitch I’m the boss
Bitch I’m the boss

Bitch I’m-Bitch I’m the boss
Boss-Bitch I’m the boss

[Intro: Slim Thug]
G’yea, Boss Hogg Outlawz
G’yea, Slim Thugga
G’yea (Kick-drums)
Wuddup this ya boy Slim Thug the boss man
And if y’all niggas need some motherfuckin hot beats
Y’all holla at my nigga kick-drums, mayn, the production company
They doin it real big (Kick-drums, uhh)

[Verse 1: Slim Thug]
When the boss hit the block
Hoes “Drop it Like it’s Hot”
Cause his drop lookin good
And his trunk got knock
Gotta be up on the Vettes
And be up on the watch
Slim Thug on the flo’
Turn it up another notch
Cause I’m back in ya ear, nigga
Back on the block
Boss 2 ’bout to drop
So I’m back at the top
Star-track connected
Boys must respect it
(Bitch I’m the boss)
(Bitch I’m-Bitch I’m the boss-boss)
Hold it down for Texas like it need to be done
I do it for the green, you just do it for the fun
Cause that bullshit’cha sayin, I ain’t payin ya none
I’m at the Astro’s playhouse, parlayin’ with Bun, uhh


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
When I was 16 I bought my first Mercedes-Benz
I must’a fucked a thousand bitches and her girlfriends
White leather, hot new pair of rims
Brand new pistol with a trigger like a hair-pin
Big work, we don’t need a scale man
Big paper, say good-morning to the mail-man
What’chu know ’bout puttin bricks in the spare, man?
I can stuff a coupe, like a motherfuckin Caravan
I’m in my zone, my farm is so rare man
If there’s a throne, you lookin at the chair-man
How you want it? Show me my opponent
[Eats some chips, says next line with mouth full]
Throw me my opponent
I’m still ballin, a bullet gotta get me
And I never been a pussy, cause my hood’ll never let me
A made nigga, got made niggas with me
I’m a motorcycle boy, so I’m bout to park a Bentley


The Boss (Joey Fingaz/kickdrums Mix) Lyrics

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