Lil’ Wayne Unreleased Freestyle # 1 Lyrics

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Lil’ Wayne Song

Unreleased Freestyle # 1

Lyrics to Unreleased Freestyle # 1

I’m a feen for the green yea I’m addicted to money
I gotta feed my addiction that fat bitch is hungry
Since a youngin I’ve realized it’s all about the benjamins

I like abraham lincoln and thomas jefferson
But every day I’m constantly disrespecting them

Cause I stay wipeing my ass with dead presidents
I am a veteran spitting better than all of these rookies
They think they harder than woodies but they softer than pussy
I’m like a big red button u really don’t wanna push me
I stay with the burner I’m always ready to cook beef
I always got them good treez I stay blazing
On the mic my style is bananas like the AK clip
In real life I’m a sick fuck like aids is
With all these banana clips u betta hope I don’t go ape shit
I’ll give u a face lift for free
I’ll leave u witta dry mouth if u tryta spit with me
Victory is wut I am used to
So I’m a just do me u do u
I’m koo koo u think u gotta couple of screws loose
Don’t worry I’ll tighting that up with my tool dude
I push fat bricks but if u a bad bitch I’ll pull u
Don’t waste your time tryna battle me cause you’ll lose
I’m not playin this ain’t a fuckin game to me
I just aim and squeeze and brains’ll leak
Veins’ll bleed and just stain the streets
No rat but I’m always chasing cheese
My flows nuts so squirrls always rush the booth
I’m into that beastiality yea fuck the bull
If it ain’t bout makin money I don’t budge or move
If u ain’t bout makin money who the fuck is u

I am the greatest

Unreleased Freestyle # 1 Lyrics

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