Nicki Minaj Freestyle Lyrics

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Lyrics to Freestyle

Call me Drakula
cuz all i do is count ships
yo money mini

i aint talkin bout da mouse trick
deze girls runnin like i juz through the boo-k

they know im better then the top
like a too-pa
now all my bummys
iz wonderin where i be at
you aint a barbie
its nun of your freakin bees wax
These little rappers
i can see them in my dash cam
i know there garbage
like oscar in the trash can
im on stage
you can sit in the crowd
i be up in lil jets
make you laugh at the cloud
i think she needs the heimlich
shes the chokin hein
she get nerve burn
like frankenstein
metaphor heaven
so they approve nikki
like my credits 47
mac and cheese
6 fried chick and a gun
and im fillin deze bitches
like fuckin it up

Freestyle Lyrics

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