Nicki Minaj I Feel Free Verse Lyrics

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Nicki Minaj Song

I Feel Free Verse

Lyrics to I Feel Free Verse

Hopped off the boat,
I am such an immigrant
why he get Nicki Minaj,

tatted on his ligament?
wait, just for the record

get wetter then fishermen
pull over some 26’s up
on that a michellin

you know I pop, pop, pop,
it like a pistol
dats why I keep my wrist
lookin like a disco.
and everywhere I go
they tell me that i’m pretty
my money talk,
my money stupid, money ditzy.

mami u bad but Nicki is badder
stick ya cookies up, go get u a ladder
we do it early like cheerios and a bagel
I feel free’r than the slaves on the railroad

U think im lying
I feel like im flying
I fee like im fina-lly free
I’m free

I Feel Free Verse Lyrics

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