Nicki Minaj I Get Crazy Lyrics

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Nicki Minaj Song

I Get Crazy

Lyrics to I Get Crazy

[Hook] I gets crazy [x32]


You know,it’s like when I feel really crazy, I just get my broom and fly away,I go real real far away.
Young Money.

That’s that’s that’s just what we do.
Ya know,i mean we wear straight jackets, and we, we,we, we st-stay ya know in padded rooms.
And ya know, and fly away.

Hey yo I mean I’m brand new and I can’t stand y’all
I show these bitches how to do it like the men y’all
I got a thing y’all and I make it ding y’all
My potty pads they be cripped I pull your hand down
I be in may down LA eating mangos
Keep a couple pink toes in my sandals
Got some bangles all over my ankles
Such a star they say I’m a star spangle
Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh Banner
I am the rap Hannah
Mah Mon Montana so fix your antenna
I keep three hoes, but don’t call me santa
And I am flyer then reindeer in the winta (In the winter)

I Get Crazy [x4]
I I Get Crazy
I Get Crazy [x4]

I mean I’m real fresh did the dope real fresh
I’m VIP they be stuntin in the co check
I mean I’m hella fly I ain’t got an alibi
Hey bartender can you bring another malibu
I mean alibu can I get a salad too?
And why you looking at me like you got an attitude
And why you got them toes hanging out your pair of shoes
Fred Flinstone feet, yabadabadoo
I am Nicki LEWinsky
I mean my name ring bells like tinky
I mean tinker
Tell that Nigga lick her
Cause I’m’ looking for some good brains from a thinker

I Get Crazy [x4]
I I Get Crazy
I Get Crazy [x4]

1, 2, 3rd Floor
Hospital Bound
Niqgas is Doors and I knock Niqgas Down
Straight jacket crooked, I hear you Lookin
I promise I’m Hard, And I swear you Pussy
I ain’t crazy, No yes I am
Right up in the Coo-Coo nest I land
I’m fly now Eat mah Bird shit
Yeah I’m’ crazy, I’m crazy about your Bitch
Wild Animal on mah Bewildered Shit
I love Brain so I’m’ Looking For a Nerd Bitch
It’s’ Nicki Minaj, The Superb Witch
And Weezy F. Baby, No Weezy F. Crazy

I Get Crazy [x4]
I I Get Crazy
I Get Crazy [x4]

I Get Crazy Lyrics

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