Omarion Blowin’ Up The Spot Lyrics

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Omarion Song

Blowin’ Up The Spot

Lyrics to Blowin’ Up The Spot

[Chorus: x2]
Ya’ll know I am (blowin up the spot)
I’m that young man (blowin up the spot)

Just for my fans I’m blowin up the spot
15 cent (blowin up the spot)

Allow me to introduce myself,
They call me 15 dime and a nickel,
What’s around my neck colder than a icecicle,
Yeah bring his truck on them 50 inch spinners,
I got more green than a holiday dinner,
Ya know I’m not selfish ya’ll,
I’m signed to Wizard Kelly I can’t help but ball,
Aw I’m as dry as they come,
Love then proud bill teen idol wassup,
But the others like sure he’s hard,
’cause I got guards to guard my security guards,
SUV’s with sweet hydro’s,
Iced out watch for each time zone,
New pair of shoes erday of the week,
I undock my yacht to get away from the beach,
Ya dig yeah like a deep trip,
This is how you make a dolla out of 15 cent


A yo guess who’s bizack up in that paul village,
Hot as a skillet know how I did it,
How did I get it if you ain’t seen it yet,
I got a see through roof plus my seats eject,
I could divide tha insider ow
Push the button and raise the limosine glass,
So there’s no need to wonder who’s higher,
Hear the sound of money when I come to a stop,
What’s a proud beat without 15 pennies,
Get it 15 pennies,

Trust me man 15 friendly,
I’m the type to hang ya 15 out my 20,
Penny don’t let the baggy jeans fool you,
I can still give you sonethin to move to,
So stay put like cement,
This is how you make a dolla out of 15 cent


[talking on this part:]
Yeah, 15 cent,
Oh I like to give a out shout to my record company,
Wiz Kelly, Sir Paid Alot,
I see ya boy,
Bobby Proud, yeah 15 cent,
Boy at ya holla, [laughing],
[girl sings in the background]
Ooh girl you off key,
Aww don’t harmonize,
Hey hey hey you fired right now,
Hey hey hey get up out the booth,
Hey hey hey hold on man,
Somebody need to get her up out the booth,
[girls stops singing]
[girl starts singing again],
Aww then she gon keep goin like that,
I though this was 15 cent track,
I’m blowin up the spot,
Hey hey hey,
Blowin up the spot

[Chorus: out]

Blowin’ Up The Spot Lyrics

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