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Lyrics to Damn

[Omarion Talking]
Yeah uhh yeah
i don’t know if ya’ll

ready for this one right here
Omarion solo, ya’ll ain’t ready

it’s time tick tock tick tock

[Verse 1]
1, here comes the 2 to the 3 and 4
girl yo body sick
you the hottest thang on the floor
you bustin through them AppleBottom jeans
i can’t stop getting next to you cuz i’m a fein
lookin at my wrist, starin at my pinky ring
whispering in my ear real close
sayin kinky things
tattoo on the small of you back
and ya booty so fat mami shake that

Shorty got a hold of me
shorty tryna take control of me
got me sayin damn
shorty wanna roll with me
shorty wanna be involved with me
she got me like damn

[Verse 2]
Now we sneakin out the back door of the club
girl i know you tipsy
homie rollin with me simply swiftly
cuz she feelin in love when she kissed me
just one touch and shorty was history
and i ain’t tryna brag or boast but ya body jivey
need a good lovin from a somebody
and the way you was moving i could see you know
what you doin girl let’s get to it girl


Whoo, whoo, yeah ya’ll ain’t ready Omarion yeah whoo damn damn


Damn Lyrics

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