Shakira Special Day Lyrics

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Shakira Song
Special Day
Lyrics to Special Day
I don’t know if it’s already too late for you
I want to defy comfort
It doesn’t help us to pretend
I don’t know how ephemeral your mistake is
I already forgave you
I set forward the hands of the clock
The tear dried up
The storm passed
Beating like the sun
My heart will never grow tired
Of waiting for you
[Refrain] :
This is a special day
I want to believe in another opportunity
We took a mortal leap
And today i return to see
A light in the darkness
No longer am i as confused as yesterday
Only illusion brings disillusion
And it is so easy to fall
The world in which i believed
The eternal and the fleeting
I prefer to give closure
Although you hide the most vulnerable truth from me
Beating like the sun
My heart will not grow tired
Special Day Lyrics

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