Sophie Ellis Bextor Dear Jimmy Lyrics

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Sophie Ellis Bextor Song

Dear Jimmy

Lyrics to Dear Jimmy

Clock watching, heart stopping
So pretty, he’s got me
Playing the waiting game

Longing to say his name
How will else, nothing else

In my head but he
True love can be so strange
I’m in the firing range
Why don’t take your aim at me?
Dear Jimmy, what’s a girl like me to do?
Your picture on my wall says I’m for you
Dear Jimmy, in my sleep we rendezvous
This love will last forever
This love will last forever
On paper we’re made for each other
Why bother fighting what makes such sense?
Put us in present tense
I live for each encounter
Where’s it gonna be?
True love can be unkind
If you don’t read the signs
When will you say your mine to me?
I’m waiting patiently for you
This table’s always set for two
It’s your move

Dear Jimmy Lyrics

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