The Mighty Boosh Ice Flo Lyrics

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The Mighty Boosh Song
Ice Flo
Lyrics to Ice Flo
Ice flo,nowhere to go
Ice flo,nowhere to go
Lost in the blinding whitness of the tundraaaa
Check him out
They call him the shrew,
Arms in short, In with the claw
I’m little Jonny Frostbite
Movin’ around
Freezin’ you up
Freezin’ you down
Like an icicle
Comin’ in your tent like a cold night scissor bite
Arctic death,
Infinate night,
They call me tundra boy ’cause I move like an arctic lizzard
And when the blizzard strikes,
I disappear like a pipedream,
All thats left is the gleam,
Boosh Boosh,
Stronger than a moose,
Dont lock your doors or we’ll come through your rooftop,
Stop, look around take your i mind off the floor,
Because the boosh is loose and we’re a little bit RAW!
Ice flo nowhere to go,
Ice flo nowhere to go,
Lost in the blinding whitness of the tundraaaa!
Ice Flo Lyrics

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