The Mighty Boosh The Hitcher Song Lyrics

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The Mighty Boosh Song
The Hitcher Song
Lyrics to The Hitcher Song
Trapped in a box by a cockney nut job
Ave a cuppa tea
Ave a cuppa tea
Im the hitcher
let me put you in the picture
creeping in your room in the dead of night
with my solo polo vision (thats right)
Im a cockney geeza
watch me bleed ya
I knew the Ripper when he was just a nipper
taught him how to slice
I cut him up a treat
Pound your banana(two pound your pear)
Pound your banana,(two pound your pear)
Pound your banana,(two pound your pear)
14 shillings for your melons
(Oh yeah)
(Were the piper twins, Jim and Jackie Piper
cutting through the night like a windscreen
wiping you away like rain drops
dont mess with the boys)
Shut your noise
Coming in stong like a freak show nightmare
dancing skeletons,white,blue and yellow ones
moving through the shadows with the speed if a cat
and if you cross us
we’l cut ya
(you aint gona like that)
Im bad julu
I use voodoo if i choose to
I harness the power of evil to abuse you
A power, a polo, an evil magnet
were sucking up your soul
(You aint gona like that)
The Hitcher Song Lyrics

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