Usher Final Goodbye Lyrics

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Usher Song

Final Goodbye

Lyrics to Final Goodbye

It’s time to say goodbye It’s over now It’s time to say goodbye
Is there a reason why our love could not last I ask was it too strong for you to hold on pretty Lady I thought we had a master plan But it takes a stronger man to walk away Than to watch our love fade away
I often wonder how and why I did not cheat I did not lie I hope you know how hard I tried But it’s over for now It’s time to say goodbye

I can’t believe how suddenly things change Yesterday we were in love but all I feel were Heartaches And pain Day and night I tried deep inside to work things out But in my heart I knew I still had my doubts

I thought we made a symphony It’s over now no more harmony I prayed so hard for love to fly (oh yeah) It’s time to say goodbye Ooh bye bye bye bye bye
Sorry I gotta leave Baby I’m beggin’ please Ooh yeah yeah yeah Bye bye bye bye

Final Goodbye Lyrics

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