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Usher Song

U Turn

Lyrics to U Turn

Yeah, ah yo, so dominate is us, yo, its time to u-turn, u heard me? you’re ether with us or against us, yo,

its once at midnight

that we hit floor for a good time
we always had stuff to go with the sound

now everybody wanna sit around drinkin more

forsaking on the floor
used ta clear n everybody would brake
one bum down
just got the call couldn’t do it all raise all back so this is how we do it just,

ur hands up bend ur nees come ’round in a circle
get down with me oh come on come on it arn’t hard to learn come on come on its called the u-turn.

in the 80s fresh from the top they had everyone doin the move oh
in the 90s i had a hard flash time doin the walk, ki-wi took the riged rock
i cant forget about my high school dance the sound was bobby brown the dance was devining me
everybody wanna push his believes the year is too
everybody do the u-turn


all you need to do (all u gotta do)
get the tape and take with u
(i cant take back the good times)
just let the rythme

U Turn Lyrics

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