Usher You Took My Heart Lyrics

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Usher Song

You Took My Heart

Lyrics to You Took My Heart

You took my heart and ran away Forever in my heart you’ll stay No matter what we’ve been through I’m going to keep on loving you
It’s not the way that I feel Cause I’m really in love with you (ahh yeah) You stole my heart then you ran away What am I to say, I love you anyway (oh baby)
My love for you will never change Cause I still feel the same way The love I have for you will never grow old (oh no)

Chorus My life had changed because of you And I need you right here with me There’s no substitute for you As far as I can see You’re the one for me

Every night and day Thinking of you by my side Here with me is where you ought to be

You Took My Heart Lyrics

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