You Me At Six Noises Lyrics

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You Me At Six Song


Lyrics to Noises

Where do you get off, making noises
Where do you get this from, breaking boys in two
Lets take this to the bedroom so I can undress you

Ask you are you ready, aren’t you ready, am I?
Even if it hurts you, even if it breaks me

We wont let this friendship sink.
Where do you get off you left me shaking.
Well here I am out of the way
Hold his hand, and make me hate.
How can you trust him to fit the shape of everything.
Everything looks so good, good from here, good to me.
Even if this hurts you even if it breaks me.
We wont let this friendship sink.
Even if you choose
No we wont loose it all.
Even if we are black and bruised.
Say sorry I’ll go first, she will, learn the art of ****
save your words for war and she’ll save hers for you

Noises Lyrics

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